Chief of Style x Satin & Slate Collaboration

We've been honored to create some pretty amazing spaces for some pretty amazing people. So when my good friend Amy Stretten, better known as the boss blogging babe Chief of Style, called me to help make her apartment a home, I jumped to the task.
Mood Board

Funky Femmes Mood Board

Fun! Fun! Fun! Two fashion obsessed brand ambassadors living in the cutest loft in Weho can constantly be inspired by their entry and breakfast nook. Which obviously also moonlights as a desk, hair salon and game table. Bright pops of colors and a bold wallpaper can make all the difference...

Sincerely, Slate

Loving our new wallpapers! Our York rep came by with some amazing goodies for us and we moved the whole studio around to accommodate them! We love how everything is coming together in here and we know you want some. Come check it out!

Warmed Rum Mood Board

In the spirit of the new year, here's another new segment for the New Year for #MoodyMondays from yours truly! We've been so inspired by the projects we're on, our amazing new vendors and all of the materials that have been passing through the studio...

Sincerely Satin

You know we’re all about clean slates around here, so a fresh start and a new year has us all kinds of excited! We’re happy to announce a new kind of weekly update, coming to you at the close of each week: Sincerely S&S! We’ll be detailing the best, the funniest,
brunch recap

Christmas Time: Brunch & Learn Recap!

We are so glad to say that we had an amazing time at our very first Brunch & Learn this past Sunday. An intimate group of designers, stylists, musicians and more talked mood boards over muffins and mimosas in the studio. It was an intimate…

Seasonal Cheer Is Among Us

It's about that seasonal time. The turkey's been eaten and replaced with eggnog instead and we're glad about it! This is the sparkly time of the season where we prepare for loved ones to visit and remember how amazing the cuddling and fire and…

Brunch & Learn

Brunch & Learn This year has a taken a toll on us all. So we are stoked about our very first BRUNCH & LEARN! A place for everyone to come together to enjoy some muffins, mimosas and mood boards. We want to catch you up on all of the…

Gather Around The Table

From now up until New year's Eve, there are birthdays to celebrate, a whole lot of gift-giving and getting, and now it's your turn to host Friendsgiving dinner! It's only in a few days, so no pressure, am I right?! And since you're in that hostess-with-the-mostess…
Casa De Perrin

Tabletop Envy By Casa De Perrin

It's November, can you believe it?!  We're already strutting around in tall boots, layering statement knitwear and sampling bite-sized pumpkin cheesecake (no shame, LOL). The holidays are finally upon us and Thanksgiving is about to pop up…
Design Mixer

Successful Wine and Design Mixer

We are proud of ourselves and completely thrilled about the turn out of our very first Wine & Design Mixer! I can hardly believe we are on the other side of an amazing (and successful) event where we gathered with an amazing group of creatives…
Wine and Design

Satin & Slate Wine & Design Mixer

Guess what?! We are hosting our first Satin & Slate Wine and Design Mixer at our headquarters and you're totally invited!   Satin & Slate Wine & Design Mixer Now that our space is coming together, we will be hosting our…

Satin & Slate Renovation

If progress happens at the pace in which our designers create, attention to detail is important. Our Satin & Slate renovation has been going amazing. For the past few weeks, it's been nothin' but whislin' while workin' for the crew. Imagine…
Blank Space

Blank Space To Write Your Name

Walls can talk, you just need to give them something to talk about. Take that blank space and turn it into something you wouldn't mind staring at. Come to think of it, we're sure you have photographic evidence of unforgettable road trips, spontaneous…
Sherwin Williams

Satin & Slate Showroom

We got our paint on. That’s right! Our Satin & Slate showroom studio remodel is coming along! But first, let us set the tone: all hands on deck, hair up, sweats and sneakers on, smiles throughout. Unwanted wall anchors were removed, different…