Sylvia | Interior Designer & Product Specialist

Born and raised in South OC, Sylvia Lopez graduated from The Art Institute of California, in Orange County, with a BS in Interior Design. While working for a commercial contractor, she was able to collaborate and evolve in retail, hospitality, corporate and multi home dwellings designs. Adding to her diverse experience, she went on to work under many designers, each with their own unique style and challenges. Now she specializes in architectural detailing and design for Satin & Slate and continues to develop her skills and creativity by taking on historic projects, pushing limits creatively. Her goal is to continue progressing as a creator and manipulator of space, striving to create curiosity and thrill while proposing tasteful designs. You can find her enjoying the architecture of SoCal with her husband and dog Rocky.

Favorite design element?
The finishes! You can have good bones but properly used textures and patterns can really transform the space.

What’s your perfect night out?
Exploring landmarks or places hopefully accompanied by relaxing live music and artistic scene

Your ultimate design goal?
To design a space that conceptually transports the client to a whole new world – like an Alice & Wonderland homage.

Jill | Hardscape & Landscape Designer

Growing up, Jill’s parents wanted a vacation house to bring together their large blended family of eight kids. So, every five years, they would design a house, have it built, then sell it at a profit. Fun was important: that first house on the Gulf Coast, had a pool table, a dock, and even a fireman’s pole to slide down from the loft. Jill’s first experience in design was going with her mother to choose fabrics for their home when she was just a little girl. During one project, she was able to convince her parents to let her design and draw their plunge pool. The neighborhood developer was so impressed by it, that he had Jill’s plunge pool design put into every one of his home designs from that day forward.

Jill is now an Architectural Designer with 17 years of experience working as a Principal, Project Designer, and Project Manager in Los Angeles area design-build firms, with a portfolio that encompasses architectural, interior, furniture, and landscape design. She has successfully designed and built projects at a wide range of scales: from furniture design, residential and commercial structures, up to the scale of landscape, urban design, and infrastructure. Her progressive work has received accolades including the AIA:LA Presidential Certificate and has been published in Los Angeles Magazine.

Jill earned her BA from Brown University, graduating with Cum Laude honors. She then received her master’s degree in architecture from SCI-Arc in 2003, as well as a Master’s Degree in Archaeology & Anthropology from Cambridge University. Additionally, she traveled Europe on a US-EU fellowship, and studied architecture at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany for a semester.

Jill has advocated for adaptive material reuse as the Design Principal of a successful reclaimed wood start-up for 7 years. In addition to solely designing its bespoke and in-house furniture line, she has consulted with numerous hospitality and commercial clients, such as W Hotels, Google, and PayPal, as well as numerous architects and designers, on how to incorporate this environmentally friendly material into their building projects.

Her professional experience is cross disciplinary and grounded in real-world construction which includes working for architectural design-build firms, contractors, landscape design-build firms, and interior designers throughout her career.

How do you feel your designs can give back to the community? What do you work towards on your free time?

In addition to work with homeless charities, I’m working with local advocacy groups on finding ways for middle-class Angelinos to be able to afford their own homes. It seems crazy that stable middle-income earners such as teachers, nurses, and paralegals can seldom afford to own their own homes here. And part of the solution must be design, whether it’s accessory dwelling units, tiny house communities, prefabs, or shipping container houses. I want to be part of the solution.

What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?

Gardening! Weeding is my cardio.

Alison | 3D Rendering Artist

Alison was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois among the sparkling skyline of the Windy City. She and her family moved to Orange County when she was 11-years-old which is where she discovered her love for interior design and enrolled at The Art Institute of California. She received her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and quickly entered the industry, creating awe inspiring artistic renderings that dazzled clients. Last year Alison was able to help design a 14,000 square foot home in the hills of Sunset Blvd for a local professional athlete. It was a special first project for her to work on straight out of college. Now she specializes in architectural renderings for Satin & Slate and building client relationships around Orange County.

Her favorite styles include rustic modern and implementing earthy tons with woods, stone and warm colors into a home. She has a knack for rendering and making the clients vision come to life. When she is not working, she is in Yosemite enjoying the hiking trails or on a road trip with her boyfriend and beagle, Roxy. But even during her down time she always finds the opportunity to open her sketchbook which allows her to refine her artistic craft.

What was the best concert you ever attended?
Linkin Park and Friends: Celebrate Life in Honor of Chester Bennington

If you could choose one vacation destination where would you pick and why?
Switzerland, because I would love the scenery, hiking, and culture

Beril | Project Manager & Interior Designer

Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Beril returned to interior design later in life. From fourth grade to about a month before starting college, she wanted to be a Marine Biologist and then realized that it wasn’t creative enough for her. Helping her mother, who has a background in textiles, she learned early on the fundamentals of design and went to Harford Community College and then Cal State Long Beach to complete her degree in Interior Design. Her love of architecture landed her a job with an amazing construction company in Signal Hill, where she gained experience and developed her style. When she’s not working, you can catch her sleeping or trying out new foods around SoCal. Beril lives close to the water in Long Beach.

What is your favorite design element?
Historic architecture.

Top 3 places you want to visit?
Great Barrier Reef, Bali and Greenland to see the Northern Lights, specifically in an igloo.

What is favorite food?
Anything dippable!

Melitza | Operations Manager

Born in the heart of the agriculturally-driven San Juaquin Valley, Melitza found her passion for aesthetics at a very young age. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, she tapped into her creativity by emerging herself into writing, photography and, of course, fashion. Despite her degrees in journalism and poli-sci from Cal State Long Beach, Melitza gained design experience while working for a home remodeling contractor in Long Beach. It was there, shadowing the in-house designers, where she discovered her love for textiles, lighting and furniture. Now she’s knees-deep in décor at Satin & Slate, where she’s overseeing day-to-day operations and ensuring client satisfaction.

During her brief moments away from Satin and Slate, she enjoys checking out the latest food trends, strolling the aisles at Target and catching up with family.

What do you work towards on your free time?

Fantasize about going back to the gym, but never actually executing plans.

Who inspires you?

My momma.

Jereme James | Founder, Owner & Advisor

Jereme grew up in a historical 18th century home, where he mastered the difficult art of maintaining and upgrading houses, while keeping their personalities and classic styles intact. A year after graduating high school, he started the Builder Boy family of companies beginning with Paint Boy and shortly followed by Stucco Boy, Cabinet Boy, Hardscape Concepts and Builder Boy Inc. As a licensed general contractor, Jereme takes pride in building and remodeling residential and commercial spaces that tailor to his clients’ needs.

With over 20-years of experience working alongside designers and architects, Jereme realized the value of a great designer. Satin and Slate was built on Jereme’s admiration for well-designed spaces and love for aesthetics. He’s put together a group of admirable and distinguished designers.

During his time away from the remodeling world, Jereme enjoys spending time with his kids, fishing, traveling and attending dog shows with his award-winning pup.

What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?

Geek-out in the kitchen with new recipes

What’s your process in design?

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