Alexandra Cole | Co-owner, Lead Designer

Alex is a New York native who moved to Southern California, where she attended the Art Institute of California – Orange County. She blends the elegance of east coast style with the effortless ease of SoCal living. After completing her BS in Interior Design, Alex worked at some of the leading design firms in Orange County, where she managed projects from one-room revamps to ground-up homes. Alex and Lindsay formed Satin and Slate to highlight their differences and embrace their passion for design, creating a design experience tailored to each and every project. Alex lives in Costa Mesa with her boyfriend and their dog, rabbit, and kitten. When she’s not working, she can be found hiking, redecorating, or planning her next trip.

Favorite design element?
A well styled bookcase.

What is your go-to to unwind?
The beach, listening to the waves crash.

Favorite place you’ve been?
My family’s dairy farm in Ireland.

Sylvia Lopez | Interior Designer

Born and raised in South OC, Sylvia Lopez graduated from The Art Institute of California, in Orange County, with a BS in Interior Design. While working for a commercial contractor, she was able to collaborate and evolve in retail, hospitality, corporate and multi home dwellings designs. Adding to her diverse experience, she went on to work under many designers, each with their own unique style and challenges. Now she specializes in architectural detailing and design for Satin & Slate and continues to develop her skills and creativity by taking on historic projects, pushing limits creatively. Her goal is to continue progressing as a creator and manipulator of space, striving to create curiosity and thrill while proposing tasteful designs. You can find her enjoying the architecture of SoCal with her husband and dog Rocky.

Favorite design element?
The finishes! You can have good bones but properly used textures and patterns can really transform the space.

What’s your perfect night out?
Exploring landmarks or places hopefully accompanied by relaxing live music and artistic scene

Your ultimate design goal?
To design a space that conceptually transports the client to a whole new world – like an Alice & Wonderland homage.

Sara Vera | Interior Designer

Sara grew up among the aisles of her local library and knee deep in crayons and colored pencils, constantly inspired by fantastic stories and her rich Mexican culture. With the support of her family, she pursued a career in interior design at the Art Institute of Orange County. Once she graduated with her BS in Interior Design, she gained years of experience working for a firm in Orange County, wearing many hats within the company and realizing she had the passion and ability to do so much more. When she isn’t working on plans, meeting with contractors, or selecting materials, you will find her enjoying a meal at Rutabegorz where she is a usual, or at the movie theater watching the latest superhero movie or animated Japanese film.

Favorite design element?
Any statement pieces in bold colors or funky patterns.

What is your dream retirement?
Living off the grid in a Hobbit house in the forest.

What are you currently obsessed with?
Kpop and Korean dramas.

Nikkie Kay | Design Assistant

Born and bred in the architecture driven city of Pasadena, California, Nicolette grew a passion for style and design at a young age. After venturing to Flagstaff, Arizona to study Interior Design at Northern Arizona University, she matched her passion with skill and came back to LA with a desire to make her mark on the design world. Her style has been greatly shaped by the craftsman authenticity of Pasadena, as well as her years in a mountain town. Give this girl natural finishes, cool tones and anything in deep teal and she’s in heaven!

What is your favorite design element?
Contrast and balance. I love to combine contrasting styles, colors and patterns to create an innovative and unexpected design.

Top 3 places you want to visit?
Greece, Turkey and Thailand

What are some of your staple activities?
I couldn’t live without skiing, working out or going to the beach! Being outside and active makes my heart happy.